Is to preserve the Palisades Interstate Park's rich history and biodiversity, and protect America's first bi-state park system. We are committed to supporting parks where all visitors can recreate and play, connect, and immerse themselves in nature and culture.


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Palisades Parks Conservancy is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit.

We partner with the Palisades Interstate Park Commission to protect the natural and historical resources of the Palisades Interstate Park (PIP) system.

Created as a Friends group in 2001, today we continue to raise funds, create new partnerships, serve as the primary voice of the PIP, and advocate to protect the more than 120,000 acres of special places within the PIP system. Our work is dependent upon people like you, who support us.

We achieve our goals by focusing in five core areas that support the needs of visitors, the parks natural areas, and historic sites.

How We Get It Done:

  1. Conservation Science and Research

  2. Historic Preservation

  3. Public Access and Recreation

  4. Education and Engagement

  5. Advocacy