Park Information

Sterling Forest State Park comprises 20,000 acres of nearly pristine natural refuge amidst of one of the nation's most densely populated areas, a remarkable piece of woodland, a watershed for millions, and a tremendous outdoor recreation area.

In 1998, after 10 years of efforts, a consortium of private land trusts and government agencies was able to purchase more than 15,000 acres in Sterling Forest for $60 million. The land was transferred to PIPC, which, two years later, acquired an additional 1,949 acres, followed in 2002 by some 2,200 acres. Sterling Forest is among the largest contiguous forests in the state. It contains the richest area, species-wise, in New York State: it is home to 62 species of butterflies, as well as endangered timber rattlesnakes, bog turtles, salamanders, and 15 other threatened species. Preserving it from development is also crucial to maintaining water quality for more than 2 million residents downstream.

To help disseminate knowledge about Sterling Forest's environment and history, the Commission built the US Senator Frank R. Lautenberg Visitor Center. The visitor center overlooking Sterling Lake features exhibits about the local environment as well as an auditorium for related presentations.



116 Old Forge Rd.

Tuxedo, NY 10987


(845) 351-5907


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