Connecting: Parks, People & History.

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Conservation Science and Research

We fund research that emphasizes on habitat restoration and species research to protect the diversity of plants and animals in our parks like the Golden-winged Warbler.

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Historic Preservation

American Revolution sites took place where our parks now exist! We help fund programming for all ages to immerse the community in the history of our country in our nine historic sites.

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Public Access and Recreation

We partner with the Palisades Interstate Park Commission to provide safe and accessible opportunities for all to enjoy the 120,000 acres of parks and historic sites.

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Education and Engagement

We also provide programs that connect kids with nature, encourage them to explore the outdoors, and learn about the many faces of history through our camps or short activities for families.

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We aim to protect these special places from overdevelopment, climate impacts, and recreational or everyday use for generations to come.

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2001 - 2004

The Friends of the Palisades Interstate Park was established to help fund raise for the parks and historic sites. A few years later the group became the Palisades Parks Conservancy.


The Conservancy banded with the environmental community and local residents to protect the Palisades Cliffs from on-going threats.


PIPC and the Conservancy partnered to fundraise for the Tower of Victory, under the leadership of Barney McHenry and U.S. Congressman Maurice Hinchey.


The first Rock the River Race was held, encouraging awareness of the parks and raising funds to improve the New Jersey section of the Palisades.


The Conservancy’s 13 member Board of Directors hired its first formal Executive Director, Heather Loebner.


A Strategic Plan was developed to outline a path forward that focused on creating strong conservation stewardship and a highly-engaged visitor experience.



Since 2012, we have raised

over $6 MILLION

in support of the parks and historic sites.

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Today’s parks and historic sites face more challenges than ever


9 million annual visitors

enjoy the treasures of the Palisades Interstate Park system. But communications and programming are insufficient.


Getting engaged outdoors

7,000 youth enjoy an outdoor experience annually through the Harriman Camps. The Regional Nature Museums support an enriched outdoor experience for these youth, nearly half of which are homeless or living in shelters.


Climate Change

continues to impact our natural flora and fauna, impacting all that call the Hudson Valley home.


Historic treasures

require fresh investment to prepare for the America’s 250th Birthday - Semiquincentennial (2026) celebrations to inspire new audiences.

The Conservancy’s goal is to build a stable organization that will support the Palisades Interstate Park system, the Commission,  annual visitors, and the communities surrounding the parks.

We have taken our first steps to create this critical organization as an independent nonprofit with dedicated resources

but we still need your help.