Connecting: Parks, People and History.

George statue - GW HQs Poster.jpg

A View with George

A wonder in Newburgh, NY.

The Need: The Tower of Victory was damaged by hurricane winds in the 1950’s. This rare centennial monument was in need of help, including a new roof.

What Happened Next: The “Save the Tower” campaign launched to restore this important monument honoring peace. Hundreds of contributors provided more than $1M in funding.

Our Outcome: Today you can visit the nation’s first historic site and enjoy amazing vistas from the Tower’s restored belvedere.


Wild Wonders

Opossums, fox and eagles, oh my.

The Need: Permanently injured or orphaned animals aren’t able to survive in the wild on their own.

What Happened Next: The Trailside Zoo cares for these native critters, from opossum to raptors, reptiles and more.

Our Outcome: Zoo inhabitants live a good life and teach visitors about conservation.

What You Can Do: Make sure we have enough food and supplies to care for our furry (and not-so furry) friends. DONATE


Nature through a New Lens

Youth experience nature and have fun.

The Need: NYC homeless youth and those living in shelters rarely have the proper resources to enjoy and experience nature.

What Happened Next: 300 first time campers annually arrive from the Bronx and Harlem. Through the Regional Nature Museums, these campers learn a lesson on light, color, perspective and framing with a camera.

Our Outcome: Youth explore nature in a new way and have fun. At the end of each program, photos are displayed at a gallery exhibit for all to appreciate.

Welch in Office.jpg

Major William Addams Welch

Meet this amazing trail blazer.

The Need: More than 14 cabinet drawers with approximately 50,000 individual documents exist from Major Williams Addams Welch’s trail blazing work in park development and management. Yet he is often unknown.

What Happened Next: To honor Welch and his work, the Commission and the Conservancy enlisted OSI’s McHenry fellow awardee Zachary Henderson to document Welch’s work.

Our Outcome: An on-line index of thousands of Welch papers and documents were organized and made available for public use to preserve the Parks’ history at

What You Can Do: This project is on-going and welcomes volunteers and financial support. Email us at to get engaged.


Let Them Fly and Flourish

We are working to save the Golden-winged Warbler.

The Need: The Golden-winged Warbler population plummeted by 93% in just 11 years. What Happened Next: With foundation funding support, the Conservancy sheparded work with multiple partners, led by the Commission and Trailside Zoo staff to monitor, conserve and protect the birds.

Our Outcome: To date, 90,000 acres were surveyed and nesting pairs were identified. With many partners, habitat to improve the Golden-winged Warblers’ nesting conditions and breeding abilities has improved.

What You Can Do: Much more work is needed to save this important species. To get involved email us at:

Photo Credit: National Audubon Society

stony point staircase - partially finished.jpg

Stairway to a New View

Climb to a dramatic vista at Stony Point.

The Need: A staircase at the site, leading to beautiful sites north was in need of repair to reopen visitor access.

What Happened Next: With support from the Hudson River Valley Greenway, the Conservancy was able to purchase the supplies and resources needed for the staircase completion. NY State Excelsior Conservation Corp and Rockland Conservation & Service Corps set to work!

Our Outcome: Visitors can now climb the staircase, leading to a gazebo with wonderful views of the Hudson River.