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Erik Larsen

Erik is a Physician and Associate Director and EMS Coordinator, Emergency Department, White Plains Hospital, NY, whose areas of interest are wilderness, disaster and air(Medevac) medicine.  He is also a member of the National Disaster Medical System (NDMS). As a member of the PPC Board he remains committed to the concept that these parks are for people, to enjoy, to refresh in, to learn from and they need all of our help to survive and continue to flourish. 

Erik Larsen hiked to the top of Hook Mountain (Nyack, NY) at age 4 with his parents and so began a lifelong connection with the amazing lands of the Palisades  Interstate Parks.  The magic of this area continues on for him, its beauty and variety does not fade or pale as he has hiked, climbed, and paddled every major part of America from Mount Rainier to the Everglades.