Filling Backpacks for Harriman Campers

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A sincere, heartfelt thank you to everyone who contributed to and shared our recent “Fill Backpacks for Harriman Campers” fundraiser! We surpassed our goal and raised $630 to fill backpacks for campers attending group camps this summer in Harriman State Park. Many of these youth are homeless or living in shelters, and these funds will be used to fill new backpacks with necessary items and toiletries.

Beginning in 1913, the Palisades Interstate Parks Commission built dozens of group camps throughout Harriman State Park to welcome the urban poor and provide them with hot meals and outdoor experiences. The Harriman Group Camps are the model upon which many group camping programs and sites throughout the world are based. The facilities at the camps, which are nestled in the woods next to the many lakes at Harriman State Park, consist of dining halls and recreation buildings, cabins and tent platforms, and waterfront facilities. Regional Nature Museums throughout the park offer environmental education programs designed to teach campers about the woods, and instill in them a lifelong sense of wonder for the natural sciences. 

For generations, the group camps have provided children and families with their first outdoor experiences. The camps are operated by a wide variety of organizations, from outdoor recreation clubs to not-for profits servicing homeless children and the disabled, from the surrounding New York and New Jersey area.

The backpacks are being filled, and you filled our hearts with your generous contributions! A big thanks on behalf of the Conservancy and group campers. #Harrimangroupcamps #K120 #HomewardBound#Youth

Michelle Riley