We Have a Winner!

Martin J. Gallagher, Lake Welch Dam, Harriman State Park

Martin J. Gallagher, Lake Welch Dam, Harriman State Park

We are thrilled to announce that Martin J. Gallagher has been chosen as the winner of the Conservancy’s recent photo contest! We received so many beautiful photo submissions, and all of them embodied the varied beauty of our park system. Martin’s photo of his bicycle in front of the dam at Lake Welch in Harriman State Park, really stood out to our team.

The texture of the water flowing down the dam, contrasts with the lichen-covered boulders on which the bicycle stands, creating an interesting visual experience and intrigue…we immediately wondered to ourselves, where was this taken? We want to go check it out!

Bicycle riding through Harriman State Park is a popular and unbeatable experience full of lake views, winding wooded roads, cedar stands, and stops like the one in this photo, that just inspire a cyclist to pause and pose the bike!

Thank you to everyone who submitted beautiful photos of our parks! These images can be seen throughout our newly updated website as well as, here.

A special thanks to: Geoffrey Welch, Kate Ahmadi, Maura Czerepinski, Roger Pellegrini, Steve Schwinn and Vikki Jones for their submissions!

If you have an interest in submitting photos to the Conservancy, with a chance to be featured on our website, we’d love to see them! Click here.