A letter to Our Mother Earth and to Our Friends


Earth Day

Dear Earth

Thank you for providing us with food, water, air and friends. Today we have taken extra special care to recognize how much you’ve done for us and that you still need some love and attention. The Palisades Parks Conservancy will continue to celebrate your day today and everyday, especially here in the Palisades Interstate Park system’s natural sites you have entrusted us to protect. We celebrate you for your resilience now and in the future. We strive to:

  1. Engage in conservation and citizen science that protects the animals and native habitat that rely on the parks and call them home

  2. Lessen our impact through small and big actions, such as ‘carry-in, carry-out’ to ensure trash is disposed of outside of the parks, thus preventing polluted waters and dangers for wildlife

  3. Maintain the valuable resources within our parks and increase accessibility to all

  4. Educate our peers and the next generation to ensure these special places have future stewards to honor and protect them

  5. Advocate for you everyday


Every day

Dear Friends

Today is the day we protect and envision a sustainable future protecting our Mother, the Earth. We want the parks to be enjoyed by all of our 9 million annual visitors. That’s a lot of footprints to tread on our parklands! Thus, the parks require year-round maintenance, care, and love. We appreciate that these special places are nurtured by a small group of park staff who are willing to dedicate their lives to its protection.

Today, as a park visitor and advocate, we encourage you to spend a little extra time thinking of your impact or how you can make an impact this Earth Day. A few tips:

  1. Carry-in and Carry-out: Visit our parks but leave no trace. Take all the trash that you bring with you into the parks and make sure you recycle and compost appropriate items.

  2. Volunteer: While the parks are run by committed staff, we still need a dedicated team of volunteers to help keep our parks clean and pristine through clean-ups, general park upkeep and citizen science. Email us at info@mypalisades.org for more information.

  3. Donate: If we can’t have your time, we would appreciate any monetary support or a monthly donation to ensure the parks remain beautiful, to restore habitats, to continue free public education and programming, and to provide accessibility for all.

    Please support our parks and in turn, Mother Earth, by donating to us today:

A Love Note to Mother Earth,

From all of us at the Palisades Parks Conservancy